Beth Gabriel is a SEO and Video Expert who helps her clients grow their business by getting their websites ranked on page one of Google. She is well known as a videographer and using video to achieve page 1 rankings in a matter of days, not months or years. Her revolutionary strategies are designed to bring her clients more customers and more sales, month after month and year after year. Her goal for her clients is to have have their website listed more than once on page 1 of Google; once in the Google Places map box, once for their website page and once for a referring site. Why more than once on page one? To make your business stand out and make you the only logical choice for customers to call!

She is President and CEO of Gabriel Blue Ocean, Ltd., an organization she founded to serve the needs of sales professionals worldwide. She is well known as the Video Seo Expert and invites you to ‘Google’ her. Her revolutionary strategies for optimizing videos to appear in natural search are designed to bring more customers and more sales for a life time of value. Beth has been trained by the top marketers of her time including: Eric Lofholm and Matt Bacak as well as several others. Beth has an insatiable desire to learn new skills and hone her knowledge for maximizing the use of video and search engine optimization. She does this by reading books & reports, listening to audio tapes and you’ll frequently run into her while attending seminars.

Contact Beth at beth @ bethgabriel . com