Ok, let’s give your hungry visitors, ready to devour your product, what they want!

  1. First, find a topic, a niche that you’re really passionate about (designing Word Press themes, Yoga exercises for women over 50, growing prize tomatoes, etc). It can be ANYTHING because chances are, if you’re interested – someone else is too!

  2. Write a 350-500 word article (ok, stop whining – this is not hard to do about a topic that you love). Or pay someone else to do this for you.

  3. Submit your article to FREE directories to let other people know that you are an expert. Don’t be scared by the term ‘expert’. If you know 5% more than the average person on this topic – you become an expert to them! Really. Think about all the ‘experts’ at Home Depot.

  4. Email a summary of your article to your friends and family with a link to where they can read your full article. Encourage them to forward your email on to their friends.

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Here’s just some of what you’re about to discover:

  • 4 keys to a perfect article, miss any one of these and you’re sunk before you begin

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