I just have to tell you – something really cool happened right after last Thursday’s Protégé call. AND I’ll tell you how you can use it in your business! But first, I want you to know how much I enjoyed being Eric Lofholm’s guest on last Thursday’s call and I want to thank you for signing up for my free report, Testimonial Secrets! Many of you emailed me that you are serious about taking action to gather testimonials from your clients and turn their testimonials into a lifetime of value.

Congratulations for taking that positive step to invest in your future! This could be a life changing moment for you!

OK, here’s what happened after the call … most of you know that I’ve been working with Eric to gather his client’s testimonials to put on his blog (read all about the ‘triple whammy’ benefit in your free report) and also get his testimonials rotating on his website. Well, right after our call, a new testimonial arrived in my inbox for Eric from Matt Bacak! Matt Bacak! For those of you who don’t know Matt, he is a really good guy and a big, big name in the internet marketing world. More about that in a minute.

On the call we talked about lots of unique ways that you can use testimonials in creative, entrepreneurial ways. So today, rather than me telling you about a unique way, I thought that I would show it to you so that you can model this technique and use it yourself!

Let’s imagine that you were getting ready to send a content rich email to your list. You might start by telling them what the content is going to be and then (more of a by the way…), quote what one of your clients just sent you (a testimonial!) and then you deliver the content. This is a very powerful technique and another way of showing social proof where your customer is singing your praises without you having to say a word. And this is what it might look like:


I have some fabulous tips on how to grow your business, get more customers and make more sales using testimonials that I’m going to give you today!

First, I want to share an email that I just got from one of my clients, Matt Bacak:

“When I start a brand new company, I always call Eric first to train my sales team. Why? Because he has delivered more results then any other sales trainer I have ever hired!

One of my sales guys that he trained for me, sold over $890,000 in just one year as a direct result of working with Eric! Eric knows his stuff and I highly recommend him to anyone.”

Now, here are the tips I promised you on how to grow your business …


Do you see how powerful this could be for you? You are delivering valuable content to your subscribers (always give service first, just like Eric says) AND you are showing social proof in a very subtle, yet extremely convincing way!

This one testimonial will bring Eric lifetime value! Anyone reading Matt’s testimonial might say to themselves, “$890,000 in only one year from Eric’s training? I need Eric to work with me right now!” Can you see the value of just this one testimonial?

Can you think of all the ways that Eric can use just this one testimonial? On his blog, on his opt-in page, in a newsletter, in a sales letter, in an email …

Get your game on!

Beth Gabriel
Testimonial Queen