I hope that you enjoyed my last post showing you an amazing, money-making technique that you can use when you email your customer or subscriber that shows incredible social proof without you having to say a word! See ‘Testimonial Super Tip #1′ below.

OK, here’s my follow up Super Tip to the testimonial from Matt Bacak for Eric Lofholm! There are 4 critical things that Matt did in his testimonial that will give life time value to Eric (that you can model) :

1. Matt filled in his name, website & written testimonial. He then recorded his audio and uploaded his picture. Great social proof! If Matt Bacak took the time to record an audio and upload his picture … guess what? Your customers will too! Just ask! Your customers are ready to go to work for you – just ask!

2. Matt showed enthusiasm – you could hear it in his voice! Enthusiasm is powerful and grabs your visitor’s attention!

3. Matt’s testimonial was short and concise. People get bored easily. For your testimonials to be effective, they need to be less than 500 characters and the audio 30 to 60 seconds!

4. Matt’s testimonial told of actual results! Results sell! Pre-frame your sample testimonials with results statements.

Watch here for more Super Tips to help you grow your business, get more customers and make more sales! Get your game on!

Beth Gabriel
Testimonial Queen