I have a critical tip for you today to help you grow your

business – Referrals! And I also have a Million Dollar idea to

share with you later in this post. Referrals are critical to your

business for 3 reasons!


1.  If someone is willing to refer you to their friend or relative,

it means that you rank very high on ‘their list’. They are a

satisfied customer. You have officially passed the social proof

test! Congratulations! No one refers you if they are unhappy

with you or your product.


2. A referral is someone ‘hand picked’ and pre-qualified for

you. You’re not competing for their attention with other

marketers. And you have a 87% greater likelihood of making a

sale to them than you do with an unknown visitor to your

website! 87% – WOW!


3. Having unlimited referrals solves your #1 problem of finding

new customers! And you don’t pay a dime to bring them to

your website!


Just like when you refer one of your friends to your favorite

restaurant. How much commission do you receive for that? Oh,

that’s right, you don’t receive a commission. Why did you refer

your friend to the restaurant? Because you liked it! And your

customers will do that for you as well. They are just waiting for

you to ask them. And I can show you how to do that. I have

strategies and techniques that I will teach you that will increase

the number and quality of the testimonials and referrals that

you’re getting from your top clients.


With Extreme Testimonial Generator, I’ll give you my personal

email templates that I send to my own customers when I ask

for a referral AND I’ll teach you how to put your referrals on



If you can ‘copy and paste’, you can put my templates to

immediate use! You’ll make money whether you’re on

vacation, enjoying time with your family or sound asleep in

your bed – all on auto pilot.


When you have a referral system in place, there is no guess

work. You know who to ask, what to ask, when to ask and how

to ask. We lay your entire referral system out for you step by



I’m going to share a million dollar idea with you right now –

and I want you to really think about it. The more you

communicate with your current customers, the more money

you’ll make from future customers.


Let me say that again …  The more you communicate with your

current customers, the more money you’ll make from future

customers. Your competition doesn’t know this million dollar

idea, but you do!


To Your Success,