It’s time for your next Testimonial Tip! Our eyes are

automatically drawn to someone’s face because of the way our

brains are wired! Why am I telling you this? Because it has

everything to do with using testimonials for creating trust and

rapport. For attracting and keeping the attention of visitors to

your website, all the while dropping their guard to eagerly

listen to your message. 


When your visitor’s eyes are drawn to your customer’s face,

amazing things start to happen!  What makes this so powerful?

You just made an emotionally connection with your visitor – a

lasting impression.


We use different parts of our brain when we visualize pictures,

read words and listen to an audio. When you use multiple

streams of communication to connect with your visitor, you

create a lasting impression. That’s a Testimonial Success Story

in action … and more money in your wallet!


What are ‘multiple streams of communication’? Words,

pictures AND audio!  A success story that is so compelling, so

riveting that you grab and hold your visitor’s attention when

you talk to them (audio), show a smiling face (photo) and

appealing to their emotion with written words. You hold all

the power.


When you communicate through multiple streams of

communication with your automatically rotating testimonials,

you’ll make more money! Think about that for a minute …. 

words, pictures AND audio.


Audio testimonials appeal to your everyday visitor coming to

your website. An audio testimonial isfriendly, under the radar

and not intimidating. Audio testimonials aren’t

‘in your face’ marketing that many people are skeptical of.

Audio testimonials let your customers do all the talking for

you without you even saying a word!


Put audio testimonials to work for you!