Testimonials are critical to your success, right? You bet! We all need them. But testimonials are not all created equal. OK, here’s the secret that you’ve been waiting for… The testimonials you see on most websites, the ineffective testimonials, the ‘atta boys’, mention the person who is selling the product (always in glowing terms!), not the benefit of using the product. See the difference? A great testimonial weaves a story of the incredible results your customer received from using your product. Convincing testimonials that tell of amazing success that instantly persuade your visitor to take immediate action to buy from you … without you even saying a word! Your satisfied customer does all your bragging for you!

A great testimonial makes your visitor think; “me, too! I want that!” When your visitor reads and ‘identifies’ with your customer’s testimonial, they think to themselves; “this person is just like me, they had great results using this product, it solved their problem, it will help me too!” When your customer’s testimonial convinces your visitor to take immediate action to buy your product , that’s social proof in action and puts money in your pocket. You’ll know how to tell which testimonials will easily turn into social proof on your website. And which ones won’t. A great testimonial is short (3 to 4 sentences and the audio usually less than 1 minute), to the point and speaks of results.

This reminds me of a story about Jay Abraham. You’ve probably heard his name. Jay is a well respected marketer and also a shrewd businessman. And Jay Abraham understands the value of a great testimonial and he knows the million dollar secret. In fact, and you may not know this, Jay has a testimonial from one of his customers that Jay’s been featuring in his sales letters and on his website for years! Jay has an old sales letter from 15 years ago (yes, 15 years ago!) that quotes his customer Vic Conant as saying; “Jay Abraham put $900,000 in my pocket from one single idea”. Ok, fast forward to today, on his website Jay Abraham quotes his customer Vic Conant as saying; “Jay Abraham put $900,000 in my pocket from one single idea”.

The first sales letter is from 15 years ago and this one is from today. Same customer, same testimonial, still bringing massive value! What do you think the lifetime value of just this one testimonial has been for Jay? $100,000? $500,000, $1,000,000?

Do you see why Jay still features this testimonial on his website? It focuses on results! Can you imagine what the lifetime value would be worth to you, to have top performing, results driven, testimonials on your website, bringing you more customers and more sales, month after month, year after year, just like Jay Abraham?

A complete testimonial system running on auto pilot bringing you more customers, more referrals, month after month, year after year. A lifetime of value.

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